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G. Applegate & Associates
Consultant Geological Engineers to the Oil, Gas and Water Industry - Worldwide


George Applegate dowsing for water with V rods

George Applegate is a Chartered Engineer and Geologist and has been dowsing for over fifty years. His work as a professional dowser has taken him all over the world, in search of water for government departments, water companies, numerous industrial companies and private users. Considered one of the world's leading dowsers, he has made finds yielding up to a million gallons a day.

He lives in Wiltshire, England but works worldwide, his services include:

Water Location - over 2,700 successful water developments in this country and abroad, speak for themselves.

Natural Gas and Oil Location - A system has been developed for dowsing for the location of oil and and natural gas, estimating the depth and volume of such deposits with a great deal of accuracy

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Regular Client List

District and County Councils
Hospital Boards
The National Trust
Golf Courses
Race Courses
Various Water Authorities
Holiday Camps (6 Butlins)
Well Boring Contractors
Dairies etc